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Kevin Sutherland asked 3 years ago

From a poor air quality with populated mold spores will PX10 get enough mold spores out of the air so a clearance test can be passed (using fogging application)?

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PX10 Staff answered 3 years ago

Thank you for your question. To answer it directly: Yes it will! PX10 is uniquely capable of attacking and killing the airborne spores by using it in a fogger. Simply mix the tablets at the proper levels and make sure to fog the entire building. That will guarantee that all of the airborne threats are attacked. Don\’t forget to fog the A/C system while it is working to insure that you are eliminating spores from the ducts and the unit. Finally, place a cup of liquid PX10 inside the return of the A/C unit to freshen the air for days to come.